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Rat and Mice Infestations in Staffordshire?
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Do you have a problem with pests in Staffordshire or Cheshire?

If your property has been overrun by rats or mice, decisive action is required.

Vermin can pose a number of serious problems to people’s health and safety, that is why Birch Pest Control is always on hand to offer a solution to the threat of vermin swiftly.

In addition to spreading potentially harmful germs and diseases, rats and mice can also cause significant damage to your home or workplace by eating through cables and wiring, furniture and even walls.

We have an effective and humane track record of dealing with rodent infestations and so we know exactly which steps to take to ensure that your property is clear of vermin quickly and for a long time to come.

If you require specialist rat and mice control put your faith in our vast experience of successfully combating rodent infestations first time, every time.

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