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Do you have a problem with pests in Staffordshire or Cheshire?

If you have any kind of pest problem, no matter how severe, we will help. Our reputable and discreet pest control experts will remedy the infestation in no time. We work within a 25 mile radius of Stoke-on-Trent offering a rapid same day response and quality, humane pest control services.

Take a look at the list of pest control services below, if you find that we could help you get to grips with your property’s infestation, call us for a free survey and consultation.

Keep your home and business safe

Our pest control experts will guarantee your home or business the same day response and free assessment of the infestation. If you would like to keep your property free of harmful pests and bacteria, contact us today.

Pest control services we conduct:

  • All bird work, including proofing & removal
  • Wasps nest removal & eradication
  • All insects & ant infestations
  • Moles, rabbits & agricultural pest removed
  • Wildlife, fox & deer management
  • Rats and Mice extermination
  • All flea & bed bug eradication
  • Tranquilizer work undertaken
  • Unmarked vehicles used if required

Do you have a problem with pests in Staffordshire or Cheshire?

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